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One More Delhi Posted on 1-July 2020
Towards Lawlessness? Posted on 17-December 2019
Nehru's Sins Posted on 6-December-2019
Om Agyanaya Namah Posted on 13-October-2019
The Messiah Posted on 2-June-2019
Deep Roots of Secularism in India Posted on 11-September-2018
Understanding Narendra Modi Posted on 21-December-2017
Yoga Posted on 23-June-2017
Religion and the Secular Law in India Posted on 14-May-2017
Red Beacons et al Posted on 29-April-2017
Change in Frequency Posted on 2-April-2017
Nationalists and Anti-Nationals Posted on 1-January 2017
The Season of Pakistan Posted on 1-November-2016
Dinmaker Posted on 1-September-2016
The Age of Pundits Posted on 1-August-2016
Great Anxieties Posted on 1-July-2016
Back to the Vedas Posted on 1-June-2016
Ambedkar et al Posted on 1-May-2016
Hindus and Muslims Posted on 1-April-206Hinu-Muslim Relations in India
Law, Crime and Deterrence Posted on 1-February-2016
Man and the Earth Posted on 6-January-2016
Intolerance in the Air Posted on 1-December-2015
Holy Cow Posted on 1-November-2015
Offendedness Posted on 1-October-2015
Tyranny of Activists Posted on 1-September-2015
Absence Posted on 20-May-2015
Presstitutes Posted on 1-May-2015
Hinduism under Threat Posted on 1-April-2015
New Hinduism Posted on 1-March-2015
Freedom to Offend Posted on 1-February-2015
Wishes Posted on 1-January-2015
The Middle East--Two Ancient Conflicts Posted on 1-December-2014
Hindutva-the Tolerable, the Bad and the Ugly Posted on 1-November-2014
Islam and Violence Posted on 1-October-2014
Cleaning up India Posted on 1-September-2014
Self Determination of Peoples Posted on 1-August-2014
Killing the Leviathan Posted on 1-July-2014
Indian Elections-a Discordant Note Posted on 1-June-2014
O, For a New Cold War! Posted on 1-May-2014
Two Swords in One Scabbard Posted on 1-October-2013
A Letter to M.S.Dhoni Posted on 1-September-2013
Legality and Legitimacy Posted on 1-August-2013
Satan's Many Faces Posted on 1-July-2013
The Great Indian Betting Scandal Posted on 1-June-2013
That Elusive Hindu Vote Posted on 1-May-2013
Diplomatic Immunity et al Posted on 1-April-2013
A Boring Subject Posted on 6-March-2013
Tweedledum and Tweedledee Posted on 1-February-2013
A Death in Singapore Posted on 1-January-2013
A Death in Mumbai Posted on 1-December-2012
No Moral Outrage Posted on 1-November-2012
Royal Dressing Down Posted on 1-October-2012
Same Old, Same Old...Posted on 1-September-2012
Occidentalisms Posted on 3-August-2012
Mother India Posted on 1-July-2012
Midsummer Laments Posted on 1-June-2012
India and Southeast Asia Posted on 1-May-2012
Syria, Human Rights and International Order Posted on 1-April-2012
Trying to Make Sense Posted on 1-March-2012
Do not Destroy the Caste System, Strengthen it Posted on 1-February 2012
Looking Back Posted on 1-January-2012
Idle Thoughts Posted on 1-December-2011
Do not Hang Them, Blacken Their Faces Posted on 1-November-2011
Vagaries of Justice Posted on 1-October-2011
The Ways of the Indian National Congress Posted on 1-September-2011
A Hopeless Wish Posted on 1-August-2011
The Politicians and the Sadhus  Posted on 1-July-2011
Talking about Pakistan in India Posted on 1-June-2011
Ending Corruption in India Posted on 1-May-2011
Yet More Comic Distractions Posted on 1-April-2011
Secularism, Indian Style Posted on 1-March-2011
Waiting for Krishna Posted on 1-February-2011
The Oracle of Delhi Speaketh Posted on 1-January-2011
Comic Distractions at Home and Abroad Posted on 1-December-2010
Apostles of Peace Posted on 1-November-2010
Limits of Religion Posted on 1-October-2010
An Ode to India Posted on 1-September-2010
A Foolish Protest Posted on 1-August-2010
A Red Herring Posted on 1-July-2010
Reforming Hinduism Posted on 6-June-2010
Those Bloody Microphones Posted on 1-May-2010
The Vatican and Paedophilia Posted on 1-April-2010
Three Cheers for a Protest Posted on 1-March-2010
The Haiti Infotainment Posted on 1-February-2010
At the Stroke of the Midnight Hour Posted on 1-January-2010
Remembrances Posted on 1-December-2009
A Very Modest Proposal Posted on 1-November-2009
Lipstick and Rouge Posted on 1-October-2009
The Dog-Star Rages Posted on 1-Septeber-2009
 Silly Season Posted on 1-August-2009
A Downtrodden Woman Posted on 1-July-2009
Hands in the Till Posted on 1-June-2009
Sumer is icumen in Posted on 1-May-2009
Vox Populi Posted on 1-April-2009
After the Brouhaha Posted on 1-March-2009
Tear up the Indian Constitution Posted on 1-February-2009
New Year's Day Caprice Posted on 1-January-2009
Republicanism, Indian Style Posted on 1-December-2008
An Uneducated Man's View of Political Economy Posted on 1-November-2008
Of National Loyalties Posted on 1-October-2008
It is the People, Stupid Posted on 1-September-2008
His Nice New Car Posted on 1-August-2008
Sahajanand Saraswati Posted on 1-July-2008
Delhi Law Posted on 1-June-2008
  Give Us This Day Our Daily News Posted on 1-May-2008
  Changing Capitalism Posted on 1-April-2008
  India Agonistes? Posted on 1-March-2008
  Sh...No Questions. This is a Matter of Religious Faith ! Posted on 1-February-2008
  In the Long Term Posted on 1-January-2008
  Money, Money! Posted on 1-December-2007
  In the Name of Religion Posted on 1-November-2007
  Superstitious People, Unprincipled Politicians Posted on 1-October-2007
  In Defence of Taslima Nasreen Posted on 1-September-2007
  The Argumentativeness of Indians Posted on 1-August-2007
  Not Only Carbon Dioxide Posted on 1-July-2007
  Monkeys' Bridge Posted on 1-June-2007
  Election Time Laments Posted on 1-May-2007
  Of Political Parties Posted on 1-April-2007

Problems of India's Muslims Posted on 1-March-2007


The March of Civilisation Posted on 1-February-2007


Year in, Year out Posted on 1-January-2007


Tiger, Tiger... Posted on 1-December-2006


Remembering Gandhi Posted on 1-November-2006


Thank God for Britain Posted on 1-October-2006

  Muslim Communities Revisited Posted on 1-September-2006

Globalisation? Posted on 1-August-2006


Democracy and Discipline  Posted on 1-July-2006


Muslim Communities: Some Awkward Questions Posted on 1-June-2006

  In Defence of the Charvaka Posted on 1-May-2006


  Affirmative Action to Help the Dalit in India Posted on 1-April-2006


Badges of Honour Posted on 1-March-2006
  Functioning Anarchy or Chaos? Posted on 1-February-2006


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