Change in frquency of articles


Change in Frequency

Posted on 2-April-2017

     Since the 1st of February 2006, Vidushaka has been posting an opinion piece in this space on the first of every month, with a few exceptions. In recent months the number of these exceptions has increased. Sometimes these have been due to accidents of daily life such as power outages or computer malfunctioning. Another reason is the reluctance to repeat oneself. Some of the opinions such as those expressed on 1st February 2006 and 1st March 2006 remain as valid today as they were then. Vidushaka finds that if he were to adhere to the frequency of one article every month he would likely be repeating himself, which is the surest sign of tedium or ennui. For these reasons Vidushaka has decided that from now on he will post an article whenever he feels he has something to say.

     Posting these articles is probably an idle exercise. Vidushaka has often asked himself to what purpose this effort. Some others have also asked him that question. He has three answers. The first refers to the golden record placed in the Voyager I aircraft launched in late 197O"s. Those who designed it had in their minds the idea that if the spacecraft were to encounter members of an advanced civilisation, those people would easily understand and be interested in the message contained in the record. If no such encounter took place the message contained in the record would be lost in the vastness of the universe. Vidushaka looks upon the opinions expressed in his articles as something akin to that message in the Voyager. The logo of the French publisher Larousse has the picture of a woman blowing at a (dried) flower scattering its petals. The legend below the picture says: I sow in all winds. That is what Vidushaka thinks he does: scattering ideas through his website. Even if one person picks up any one of his opinions and repeats it to another that is reason enough for Vidushaka to be satisfied. Vidushaka knows for a fact that some people do look at his website from time to time. Finally this forum allows Vidushaka to give an external existence to his thoughts in a forum of his own which is free from all constraints, until such time as states or other entities start controlling the contents of the worldwide web. Even if such a thing happened, this is too insignificant a website for any censor to expend his energies on.

     Vidushaka then will continue writing in this space, but with no determined frequency. He will as until now refrain from expressing opinions based on instant judgments.





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